Fan Panels

Ever find yourself at Con sitting in a panel, thinking to yourself – “I know stuff, I can do this.” Are you passionate about a specific fandom? Know more trivia about a movie than others? Do your friends come to you when they have questions about Horror? Put your knowledge to use and host a fan panel.

Fan panels are created, attended, and hosted by you – The fan and the community surrounding your topic. They are structured for the fan by the fan.

This year Nightmare Events will be accepting applications for Fan Panels for during the events in Michigan and Colorado. If you are interested, you can fill out an application. We would need a brief description of topic, Outline and how the topic fits with the theme of the event. The panel should be 45 minutes at minimum but go no longer than an hour and a half. There are limited spaces, please be as specific as possible for our programing team.

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