Rocky Mountain Nightmares Film Festival

The NIGHTMARES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (RMNIFF) was created to showcase and celebrate the latest and greatest contributions of independent Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Thriller films from around the world! We help filmmakers and screenwriters get the exposure and recognition they deserve!

NIFF is focused on bridging the gaps between filmmakers, fans, and financing. Since our film festival is part of our horror convention, we offer filmmakers the unique chance to hang with the horror icons, party with the fans, and network with distribution representatives and financiers.

We accept a wide variety of films and you may enter your film in multiple categories. We are expanding the number screenings this year to accommodate more films.

Festival Awards & Prizes

  • Best Actor/Best Actress
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Special Effects (or Best Visual Effects)
  • Best Director
  • Best Horror Feature
  • Best Horror Short
  • Best Sci-Fi Feature
  • Best Sci-Fi Short
  • Best Fantasy Feature
  • Best Fantasy Short
  • Best Thriller Feature
  • Best Thriller Short
  • Best Animated Movie
  • Best Michigan Made
  • Best In Show

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